Capsa Banting Is A Fun Card Game – Capsa Banting game is a game that many liked by his fans. The game uses one set of playing cards totaling 52 cards without Joker card, the game is played by four players, each playing for themselves.

Capsa Banting Is A Fun Card Game

Capsa Banting is played tough the first time in China in 1980, and became popular in Hong Kong ( HK ), Shanghai, Taiwan, Philippines and Singapore. It also spread to Europe and is referred to as Big Two, Big Deuce / Deuces, Bu Bu Gao Sheng, Pusoy Dos.

To order cards in capsa slam, ranked from high to low cards are: 2-A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3. For flower card ( flower ) of the order from high to low is: spades ♠, hearts ♥, clubs ♣, diamond ♦.

The aim of the game is to be the first in card spend at hand. Cards can be played singly / units and certain combinations. If you can not be first to spend the card then the player should be able to leave the card as little as possible from the other players.

The players must follow the first player to remove the card, if the first player to issue cards for a single / unit the next player must also issue cards for a single / unit and its value must be greater, if the first player to remove the card in combination then the player will also have to remove the card the combination and the combination of the card should also be greater.

Capsa Banting View

For example:
The player who first released a single card or card unit Q then the next player to be able to issue cards that they are above the Q card, if you do not have a card on the Q card should do pass / pass. If the first player to remove the card combination, then the player must then also be issued a card combination and the combination should be higher.

For a combination of cards in the game are like the tossing capsa card poker hand, namely :
• Royal flush
• Straight flush
• Four of a kind
• Full house
• Flush
• Straight
• Three of a kind
• Two pair
• One pair
• High card

Nowadays, this capsa banting game played by all circles of young and old and very popular to this day.