John Juanda is of Chinese descent who came from the homeland of Indonesia, John Juanda was born and raised in the city of Medan, North Sumatra. Which makes John Juanda known since he was a five-time champion in the tournament World Series of Poker (WSOP). Previous John Juanda did not have the mind will make this poker game as a way of life. John is the eldest of four siblings and began to seriously mengeluti to become a professional poker player after he graduating S2 in the United States.

When little John Juanda through life without the full attention of parents. Together with the three younger siblings, they are entrusted to the grandparents in the city of Medan when the parents earn a living in another city. Having completed his education S2, John eventually became a poker player, once when John sitting in school he also already familiar with the world of gambling. Men born July 8, 1971 is beginning to play marbles / marbles to earn money. In addition to the above fact there are some other facts about him.

John Juanda, Poker Tournament Winner Rp 192 billion from Medan, Indonesia

Since childhood, playing cards and poker games have made an impression on the memory of John Juanda, and he often saw his father play gambling as well. As from a variety of sources, the most remembered by his father John is a habit which is always drinking liquor when the time to gamble. Because of these bad habits while gambling, the father also often get a defeat. With a bad memory tersebutlah John did not want to follow the customs of his father while playing a game of poker. But unique, this Medan born man who also had a call JJ often ordered drinks, JJ book is not for drinking but for he gave to his opponent.

The father also previously often advised his eldest son is in order not to gamble. But the message and also peringantan of the father did not disregard even now John has become a poker player who is very well known and respected by opponents. John is also the first person from Indonesia who’ve won the tournament of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) for five times. Of the five times won the WSOP tournament, John Juanda managed to earn prize money of USD 50 thousand.

Formerly John started to know this poker game when he headed a trip to the United States to continue his education S1 in 1990. At that time, John who was on the plane introduced poker game that uses playing cards to friends sebangkunya. After arriving in the United States, precisely in Oklahoma City, John is still not very fluent in the English language but knows how to play the game of poker. After completing S1 at Oklahoma State, the man who came from Medan, North Sumatra S2 also take continuing education at Seattle University. After earning an MBA in 1996, Juanda chose poker as a livelihood.

John Juanda

Since 1999 John Juanda was recorded in professional poker tournaments. In tournament World Series of Poker (WSOP) in the American, John had registered his name in the ninth. At the tournament World Series of Poker (WSOP) in the American, John won five times and entitled to the prize winners of USD 15 thousand. Towards four months later at the same event, John who use an alias JJ at the poker table, perform finished seventh and is entitled to a prize of USD 399 600.

During the summer of 2000, Juanda has become a rising star in professional poker tournaments as he managed to finish six times. In the event the US Poker Championship tournament held in Atlantic City, JJ was successfully listed finished second and entitled to the prize of the event amounted to USD 159 thousand.

Of all the success that has been achieved by him in all the events that have followed, JJ admit it can not be separated from God’s intervention. Therefore, as a form of gratitude, JJ also create a plan to provide free medical care when he retired to play poker. Keep in mind, the man from Indonesia have also said that what has been given by the Lord to him can not be separated from a job as a salesman Al Kitab ever done by him at the time John Juanda was educated S2 at Seattle University, John Juanda sell the Book door to door for fill his spare time.