Let’s Play Capsa Susun One of The Best Card Games – Currently it has many types of card games that can be enjoyed and played by us online on the internet. First games we play it with ground coffee can now be played online, whenever and wherever we are as long as it has a smartphone, laptop and internet connection also smooth.

Mimin will try to explain about the game capsa flats which have now been more numerous and crowded played by fans and lover. Capsa game consists of two, namely: capsa stacking and capsa slam. Capsa has mimin slam described in my previous article and to turn this time capsa stacking order that you find all the info you can get here.

Let's Play Capsa Susun One of The Best Card Games

Capsa stacking previously known and very popular in Hong Kong and some Southeast Asian countries and Indonesia is one country that a lot of fans and lover who now play this game.

Capsa stacking is known by several names and also differ according to the countries there, in Cantonese is called Sap Sam Cheung, which means 13 cards, in China called the Luosong Pai Jiu, which means Russian Pai Gow and in Vietnam is called XAP Xam Chuong, whereas in Uncle Sam’s country or the United States called the Chinese or Russian Poker Poker.

Some Basic Rules Capsa Susun
Before playing capsa stacking, you have to know first some basic rules capsa interchanges to be known by friends everything. Capsa stacking game is played by using one set of playing cards whose numbers 52 cards without the joker card.

For the sequence of cards in capsa stacking, the card 2 is the lowest card and A card is the highest card.

To order flowers cards from highest to lowest are: Spade (Spades) > Heart (Heart) > Club (Curly) > Diamond (Diamonds).

For the arrangement of cards to follow the sequence of cards in the hand ranking poker and card Dragon is the highest value card in the game capsa stacking in which the cards are: A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K.

Capsa Susun Online Display

The order of poker hands from highest to lowest:
– Royal Flush
– Straight Flush
– Four of a Kind
– Full House
– Flush
– Straight
– Three of A Kind
– Two Pair
– Pair
– High Card

How to Play Capsa Susun
In the game the player maximum capsa this apartment is 4 people and each player will get 13 cards and all players must set the cards with levels: 5-5-3.
With the levels of the following cards:
Top Cards: 3 cards
Central Card: 5 Card
Down Card: 5 Card

In the preparation of capsa stacking, the bottom card> cards middle> top cards (cards larger bottom middle of the card, the card is greater than the middle of the card above), if it is compiled in this game it will be lost.