Play and Have Fun With Bandar Q Online – Now more numerous and varied card game that can be played, one of which is the bandar q online. What is the Bandar q online games ??

For my friends who still do not know everything about the city game online q, mimin will try to give a little explanation about this bandar q online.

Bandar q online game is one game that was once played by traditional gathering (ground coffee) together with friends or people who want to play. Now with the development of the internet world city game q can now be played by anyone and anywhere.

Bandar q online, where there will be one person who could be a BANDAR in this online game q city. With up to 8 players are on one table of 8 people and there will be one person who will be a BANDAR Q. Bandar q online game also uses one set of dominoes which there are 28 cards, like the game of online q who also uses one set of dominoes that have mimin described earlier.

Domino Card

To become a Bandar q in the city game online q’s, required terms and conditions that must be met. Before playing, we can choose a table we would play, we can select it while in the game lobby. There is a table varies from small to large and also a minimum-maximum bets.

If we choose to play at the table minimum bet the maximum bet 1000 then 5000 and became a BANDAR Q in this game we have to have a chip 10x of the maximum stakes.

For the example:
Tables 1000 – 5000, to be a city must have a chip of 50000

Every player who sit and have a chip at 50000 then it will turn around to become a bandar q online. If the chip is not sufficient to be the city it will only play as a player only.

Below is the image display of bandar q online games:

Play and Have Fun With Bandar Q Online