Playing Game of Strip Poker – is a common poker games as usual, only in this strip poker game will lead to a more sexuality, exotic and sensual.

In this game of strip poker, usually the losing player must perform striptease dances or as may be agreed upon by the players before. As we know poker is a game that requires patience, strategy and courage and stake everything on the table. There is also, players who were playing strip poker until completely naked without any piece of clothing. It might even lose a player who could do more than that, depending on gambling bets on what was agreed.

Playing Game of Strip Poker

Playing Strip Poker
Playing strip poker is often used as an ornamental variety of sexual intercourse for some couples, some are doing this for fun and entertainment purposes only and to spend leisure time in order not to get bored. Strip poker is played just like regular people playing poker. The difference is, there are certain rules that must be done. First, you need a set of cards. Then, the game is only done by you alone.

In playing strip poker, you and your partner should be prepared to accept the punishment and sentenced him to a particular couple.

The rules, which lost in one round must open the fruit clothes. Begin to undress most outermost first. At the end, you have to open underwear and barefoot fun together playing opposite you, so there are bound to be more fun. Ha ha ha

When you lose, then you should ask your opponent undress and so on. If until the end of the game or the finals, then lost at the end of the game he has to obey the wishes opponent who win in this game. For example, a strip with a sensual dance before winning. Winning, free to do anything on the opponent. Furthermore bet what you will use, it is up to you and your opponent play poker.

Most importantly do this game with the opposite sex. Prepare your clothes both before starting the game. Open up your clothes in the top first.

While the male partner you should open the clothes inside the last. Prepare the most sexy lingerie you have. It will increasingly create a warm game. Better yet, if you create your own rules as a variation of this game.

As the video below: