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Playing Game of Strip Poker

Posted by seguro Date: October 1, 2016

Playing Game of Strip Poker – is a common poker games as usual, only in this strip poker game will lead to a more sexuality, exotic and sensual.

In this game of strip poker, usually the losing player must perform striptease dances or as may be agreed upon by the players before. As we know poker is a game that requires patience, strategy and courage and stake everything on the table. There is also, players who were playing strip poker until completely naked without any piece of clothing. It might even lose a player who could do more than that, depending on gambling bets on what was agreed.

Playing Game of Strip Poker

Playing Strip Poker
Playing strip poker is often used as an ornamental variety of sexual intercourse for some couples, some are doing this for fun and entertainment purposes only and to spend leisure time in order not to get bored. Strip poker is played just like regular people playing poker. The difference is, there are certain rules that must be done. First, you need a set of cards. Then, the game is only done by you alone.

In playing strip poker, you and your partner should be prepared to accept the punishment and sentenced him to a particular couple.

The rules, which lost in one round must open the fruit clothes. Begin to undress most outermost first. At the end, you have to open underwear and barefoot fun together playing opposite you, so there are bound to be more fun. Ha ha ha

When you lose, then you should ask your opponent undress and so on. If until the end of the game or the finals, then lost at the end of the game he has to obey the wishes opponent who win in this game. For example, a strip with a sensual dance before winning. Winning, free to do anything on the opponent. Furthermore bet what you will use, it is up to you and your opponent play poker.

Most importantly do this game with the opposite sex. Prepare your clothes both before starting the game. Open up your clothes in the top first.

While the male partner you should open the clothes inside the last. Prepare the most sexy lingerie you have. It will increasingly create a warm game. Better yet, if you create your own rules as a variation of this game.

As the video below:

Poker Playing Tips Home Based Or Casino

Posted by seguro Date: September 14, 2016

Poker Playing Tips Home Based Or Casino – Hello to all the lovers of card games and mania, in this article we will try to give some tips on playing poker or casino home. It would be very different from playing poker or casino-style home. Despite having different ways and tips between the two, the main purpose of playing poker in a home is to tighten the relationship and also to spend leisure time are like the Chinese are playing a game of Mahjong, while the main purpose of playing poker at the casino is definitely a victory.

At the time people invited the lovers and fans of poker mania for playing cards together at home, even with little money or no money at all was the ultimate goal is for it to seek pleasure and tighten the relationship because it was very enjoyable.

Poker Playing Tips Home Based Or Casino

Tips to Play Poker
For those of you who want to play poker home, here are some tips to play poker you need to know. So that you are not wrong in differentiating the atmosphere of the home and the casino playing poker. Although generally how to play and poker strategy was no different either at the table home or at the casino tables and also whether playing online in a virtual world that has now also been so many outstanding either use the chip for free on facebook and also with the chip money original. And the main thing, and important that we are not carried away the competition, as well as the instinct to win big money like in the casino tables

Well, for those of you who play poker home is to tighten the relationship and also to be able to make us all find many roads in life. In addition, by playing poker home we also can meet new people and maybe also some from him we can know how to play poker tricks we do not know so far, so we would be able to get other tricks and tips. And the most fun is possible only with bertemua the new people that we can get to know and get a business opportunity or recreational interests as well as the same pleasure as well as to participate in an organization.

Main Poker Tips Home Based
Before playing, it helps us get to know each other first, and remember as much as possible all the names of people that come into play. And do not just hope to be able to get food and drink for free from others. Every now and then you also must treat people who are playing well.

Always show your sense of interest to all the players that are playing. Because we do not know maybe someday we could nantnyai together with people who are playing poker has become an ally and an important partner in a business, organization, and of course friend together.

One very important and worth remembering also do not criticize other people how to play poker at the tables for each player certainly has a different way to play poker. Because this is not currently in an atmosphere of learning to play poker or join a tournament event. As well as the main do not try to teach them how to play better, unless the person is indeed want to learn from us.

When you grab a big win never to show that you are a great play, but keep to humble and down and said everything was thanks to a hockey alone. At the moment you get a defeat as well, you should be heartened and fair, sportive admit defeat.

Maybe if it were only for Poker Playing Tips Home Based Or Casino we can give you, we hope it may be useful ^^.

John Juanda, Poker Tournament Winner Rp 192 billion from Medan, Indonesia

Posted by seguro Date: September 13, 2016

John Juanda is of Chinese descent who came from the homeland of Indonesia, John Juanda was born and raised in the city of Medan, North Sumatra. Which makes John Juanda known since he was a five-time champion in the tournament World Series of Poker (WSOP). Previous John Juanda did not have the mind will make this poker game as a way of life. John is the eldest of four siblings and began to seriously mengeluti to become a professional poker player after he graduating S2 in the United States.

When little John Juanda through life without the full attention of parents. Together with the three younger siblings, they are entrusted to the grandparents in the city of Medan when the parents earn a living in another city. Having completed his education S2, John eventually became a poker player, once when John sitting in school he also already familiar with the world of gambling. Men born July 8, 1971 is beginning to play marbles / marbles to earn money. In addition to the above fact there are some other facts about him.

John Juanda, Poker Tournament Winner Rp 192 billion from Medan, Indonesia

Since childhood, playing cards and poker games have made an impression on the memory of John Juanda, and he often saw his father play gambling as well. As from a variety of sources, the most remembered by his father John is a habit which is always drinking liquor when the time to gamble. Because of these bad habits while gambling, the father also often get a defeat. With a bad memory tersebutlah John did not want to follow the customs of his father while playing a game of poker. But unique, this Medan born man who also had a call JJ often ordered drinks, JJ book is not for drinking but for he gave to his opponent.

The father also previously often advised his eldest son is in order not to gamble. But the message and also peringantan of the father did not disregard even now John has become a poker player who is very well known and respected by opponents. John is also the first person from Indonesia who’ve won the tournament of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) for five times. Of the five times won the WSOP tournament, John Juanda managed to earn prize money of USD 50 thousand.

Formerly John started to know this poker game when he headed a trip to the United States to continue his education S1 in 1990. At that time, John who was on the plane introduced poker game that uses playing cards to friends sebangkunya. After arriving in the United States, precisely in Oklahoma City, John is still not very fluent in the English language but knows how to play the game of poker. After completing S1 at Oklahoma State, the man who came from Medan, North Sumatra S2 also take continuing education at Seattle University. After earning an MBA in 1996, Juanda chose poker as a livelihood.

John Juanda

Since 1999 John Juanda was recorded in professional poker tournaments. In tournament World Series of Poker (WSOP) in the American, John had registered his name in the ninth. At the tournament World Series of Poker (WSOP) in the American, John won five times and entitled to the prize winners of USD 15 thousand. Towards four months later at the same event, John who use an alias JJ at the poker table, perform finished seventh and is entitled to a prize of USD 399 600.

During the summer of 2000, Juanda has become a rising star in professional poker tournaments as he managed to finish six times. In the event the US Poker Championship tournament held in Atlantic City, JJ was successfully listed finished second and entitled to the prize of the event amounted to USD 159 thousand.

Of all the success that has been achieved by him in all the events that have followed, JJ admit it can not be separated from God’s intervention. Therefore, as a form of gratitude, JJ also create a plan to provide free medical care when he retired to play poker. Keep in mind, the man from Indonesia have also said that what has been given by the Lord to him can not be separated from a job as a salesman Al Kitab ever done by him at the time John Juanda was educated S2 at Seattle University, John Juanda sell the Book door to door for fill his spare time.

Tips to Play World Series of Poker

Posted by seguro Date: August 9, 2016

Request any group of poker players how you played your hand and theyll come up with tons of distinct views. Thats only the nature of the game. Each week, Card Player will pick a side from the high-stakes, large buy in poker world, break it down and reveal that theres more than one method to get the job done. There are three players remaining in a $5,000 buy in live poker tournament. You’re already promised at least $237,719 for third place; second place will bring in $329,860, and the winner will take home $536,858. The blinds are 30,000-60,000 with a 10,000 ante, meaning your pack of 3,510,000 is worth 58 large blinds. You three-stake to 300,000 and your opponent calls. The flop comes down 5Heart Suit4Heart Suit2Club Suit, providing you with a gutshot wheel draw. The move is the 8Club Suit. The river is the KHeart Suit, and you assess. Your opponent then goes all in and has your staying 2,300,000 immediately covered. Do you call or fold? Given your line, what type of range have your signified? Is he wagering the river for value, or because the KHeart Suit is such a great panic card? Given your competitors line, what variety of hands can he have? How much does the existence of another short smokestack affect your choice? What does ICM (Independent Chip Model) say about this scenario? Do you repent not betting the river?

Heimiller brought in $237,719 for his third-place finish and Artem Metalidi got second for $329,860. Turner went on to win the tournament and the largest score of his career for $536,858. While cash games will stay a main focus for poker, multi-table tournaments are now a much-favored format both for live and on-line poker players. In particular, players adore the low buyin, large field events that afford chances to win enormous returns on relatively modest investments. You will never win 100 or 500 or even 1,000 times your buyin during a cash game session. But it is often at least a chance in big field MTTs to have an enormous windfall-like ROI, making them all the more appealing to many. 888Poker ambassador Dominik Nitsche has have lots of success in little buyin, big field events over time. At this summer’s WSOP, our Sarah Herring talked with Nitsche especially about tactical concerns for low buyin, large field events, and he shared a few rewarding insights for the best way to approach them.

One advantage of such tournaments is the relative softness of the regions, particularly early on. But as Nitsche notes, the constructions have a tendency to go somewhat more rapidly in these matches, which means it is great to get there on time and to be prepared to play immediately. That does not mean taking risks early on; it only means that I attempt to play hands and get involved from the beginning, because “there will be individuals who give their processors away, Nitsche describes. He goes on to point out how, in several cases, there will be more chances for the early degrees to pick up processors instantly against loose and inexperienced challengers than will be the situation after as both the better and tighter players come and processors can become more difficult to come by as a result. Nitsche additionally adds some real guidance about how you should think about the payouts in such occasions, highlighting making the cash first, then attempting not to concern yourself too much with payout differences until the closing table where the most important cash will be to be made. Another World Series of Poker is in the novels. Well, most of it at least, since we have still got the end of the WSOP Main Event to anticipate in a month or two.

The world’s greatest poker set definitely did not disappoint as we saw some impressive individual performances, huge multi-million dollar prize pools, record breaking field sizes, and much more. That decision ultimately resulted in the development of a multi-billion dollar business with a profound political sway over state and territory authorities which, consequently, became hooked to the millions of dollars flowing into their cash strapped coffers from pokies. Despite all of the business propaganda that playing pokies is simply a little harmless pleasure and all of the so called authorities reforms which supposedly are assumed to protect problem gamblers, the only losers are those who can least afford to lose. Lately, I watched fascinated as two old ladies smoothly and quite intentionally fed their next poker machines while outdoing each other with whines about how terrible the authorities was for not raising the pension. One inquired the other, totally ignorant of the depressing irony.