Sturdee Residence: the ultra-modern apartments of Singapore

Finding a perfect apartment is really a tedious work. There are number of residential flats growing in Singapore, but those cannot fulfil your expectorations. Sturdee Residences is a new residential tower, which is on construction, developed by Sustained Land Pte Ltd. It is one of the luxury residential apartment at Singapore.

sturdee residence the ultra modern apartments of singapore

Why to choose Sturdee Residence?

There are number of factor which makes it exceptional from the others.

  • The first thing which comes in mind is location. It is located on the Sturdee Road of District 08 at Singapore. A few minute drive and you can reach the Orchard road, which is the heart of Singapore.
  • If you check the map, you will find this place is at Farrer Part MRT station. The Bendemeer MRT station, which is about to open, is also within walking distance from this place. Thus, you can reach any part of Singapore using MRT.
  • There are about 200 shopping stores and supermarket in this area. The City Square Mall, Mustafa centre, Serangoon Plaza and many more multiplex can be reached few minutes by driving.
  • Other than these there are cinema hall, popular restaurants, and workplaces all around this area.
  • There are many famous schools, colleges, universities, which can be easily reached down from here.

Life at Sturdee Residences

There are a wide range of amenities for the residents. The interior of the rooms are highly luxurious. The kitchen is fitted with branded equipment. There is a children’s pool and a playground for the kids. You can enjoy sunbath, swimming pool, meditation pavilion and gym. For get-togethers, there is BBQ pavilion, dining pavilion, function room, etc.

The final verdict

Sturdee Residences is something which you might be looking for so long. The rooms are rated according to the number of bedrooms. If you are an investor, then this can be a good choice.

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Details about the Centrium Square and why is it ideal for office space

You must have heard numerous advice while buying a commercial land. But this advice usually leaves you very confused, and the task of buying a commercial property does not become any easier. You should know that most of the advice which you hear is not true. You should follow some of the strict guidelines while purchasing land for your commercial office building. A perfect example would be a space at Little India freehold shops in Singapore.

details about the centrium square and why is it ideal for office space

Take your time to do some research about the plot

Yes, you should never be in a hurry to finalize your deal while buying a commercial property. Buying a place which is not quite suitable for your office space might ruin all your business plans and also might make a huge loss.

The location is the trump card that you should play while buying commercial land!

You can easily consider Centrium Square to be the best place for buying a commercial property in Singapore. Here are some of the brief details of the project at Centrium Square:

  • There would be about 143 offices building in this area.
  • The number of retails would be 43.
  • 39 medical facilities around this region.
  • Close proximity to renowned shopping malls.
  • Situated almost in the heat of Singapore.

Transportation is the second criteria which you should keep in mind

After you tick off the location criteria off your list, the second must be transportation. You should check whether transport facility around that region is there or not. Centrium Square can easily be considered to be the best place for commercial building because other than location transportation is very easy from this area.

The Farrer Park MRT station is easily reachable from here. The place is situated at the junction of Kitchener Road and the Serangoon Road. An added advantage of Centrium Square is that the City Square Mall is just adjacent to this place, which is a swarming place for office workers.

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Poiz residences: Heaven on Earth for your pleasure

A house is where a dream is given shape. A dream house which is available at the most affordable prices and in a variety of option at Poiz Residences ranging from two bedrooms, three bedrooms , four bedrooms , penthouse etc.

poiz residences heaven on earth for your pleasure

Detail Description

  • Poiz Residences is located at Meyappa Chettiar Road (D13) and is developed by MCC Land (Potong Pasir) Pte Ltd.
  • It has all in all 30 commercial car parks lots, 6 Family lots, and 590 Residential lots.
  • It is a thirty (30) storey building with approximate gross floor area of 608,408 square feet.
  • It comprises of several Towers with 731 units and is situated right beside Potong Pasir MRT station.

A unique lifestyle with a perfect blend of modernization and uniqueness gives an immense satisfaction as all the facilities are easily available and accessible at a very affordable price range. As the developer of the project is highly renowned and established the trust factor is automatically developed and the reliance can be placed on the designs and price. Many other places of interest including Toa Payoh Golf Range as well as many eateries are located within the vicinity of the Poiz Residences.


Facility which is Luxurious lifestyle -including swimming pool, Sun deck, BBQ area, Fitness studio and many more things available less than one roof. The exotic location and the new build structure are quite impressive and it is worth investing your hard earned money into it. An investment which is worth the price you are willing to pay for your dream house and Poiz like an investment which you will never regret about. So it’s time, be a part of the huge family and cherishes all your memories at The Poiz Residences with your family and friends.

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Skies 39 Condo – one of the best condominiums in Singapore

Skies 39 Condo is surely one of the best condominiums in Singapore and this wonderful project is developed by Evia Real Estate Private Limited. Having five hundred and seventy-eight units this condominium can be considered as one of the best places where you can get all sorts of facilities for staying. If you want to have the floor plan of this project it will be little difficult to provide that because it is not yet approved.

skies 39 cpndo one of the best condominiums in singapore

Getting more details

However, if you submit them your e-mail id they will provide you the floor plan in your e-mail address. Accordingly you can plan to purchase. However, as per the location of this condominium is a concern there is surely reason behind purchasing a floor in this resort type condominium. This can be considered as one of the most luxurious places where you can stay with your family.

Services Provided

If you talk about any sort of facilities for the transportation of nearby market or hospital everything is extremely near from this new condominium. Skies 39 Condo can also be a place where you can enjoy all sorts of entertainment. First of all there are plenty of facilities like swimming pool, gym, BBQ and others inside the premises. Even if you go outside there are plenty of famous destinations for shopping or dining.

Natural Beauty

For those persons who love nature and wants to live in a peaceful place this is one of the best options that you can enjoy. Inside the premises of the condominium peace is inevitable. In fact there are plenty of scopes to enjoy nature in this place. There are plenty of greeneries which will surely be enjoyed by you.

So, if you are really searching for some of the best options for condominiums then Sky 39 Condo can be considered as one of the best places to do it.

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A list of foods that increase breast size

Diet and nutrition is important for growing your breasts larger as much as good exercise and usage of supplements is. There are certain food items that make your breasts grow bigger and some that don’t. Here is a list of foods that increase breast size.

a list of foods that increase breast size

Oestrogen heavy food items

Oestrogen is a hormone that directly helps your breasts grow bigger in size. They stimulate the breast tissues and help them grow. So, consuming food items that are heavy in oestrogen is a pretty logical thing to do. One such food item that falls under this category is soy bean. These are known for having large doses of natural oestrogen in them. Products made from milk and cheese (basically dairy products) can also be categorized here. Spices like cloves, sage, ginger, pepper, oregano etc. also do great job in increasing breast size.

Foods with healthy fats

Foods containing healthy fats are the integral component of making your breasts grow bigger in size. However, not all kinds of fat are applicable here. In fact, only healthy fats should be consumed in order to stimulate breast growth. Junk food falls under the category of unhealthy fats and must be avoided at all costs. Mono unsaturated fats are the kind of fat that you should be keeping an eye out for. Olives, avocado, olive oil, avocado oil, linseed, sesame all fall under this category.

Protein rich food and Natural herbs

This is pretty much self explanatory. Anything rich with proteins falls under the category of foods that increase breast size. Such food items mainly include fish, eggs and meat. These are the primary sources of proteins. In addition you can also include natural herbs like palmetto, wild yam and fenugreek in your diet as well. These are very good to promote breast growth, an effective way to increase breast size naturally.

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The upcoming condominium in Cambodia: The Peak Shangri La

The Peak @ Shangri La is located right in the heart of Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. It has an astonishing view facing the river Esplanade and standing at the crossroads. It is 55 stories high, and the whole experience of living in it can be termed as a luxury in the clouds. The AEON mall, Naga world and the National Assembly Building are at a walking distance. It is an entire new level of living bunched with residences, offices, retail shops. All the exciting bars and majestic ballrooms, classy restaurants are at your disposal. The Shangri-La hotel comes in as an integrated cosmos development like no other.

the upcoming condominium in cambodia the peak shangri la

Defining luxury in every way

The Peak comes clad in a luxury color of stylish bronze. It comprises of two towers which are definitely paragons of modern architecture, consisting of 500 units each. These have been specially crafted to bring about the finest of everything and a majestic view of the surroundings. Its mere location is a mark of glamorous luxury. Having the Shangri-la hotel next door allows you to enjoy world class service amidst tranquility in the surroundings. From spa, gym, swimming pools, it ensures you that every palate is well pampered. To top it off, the peak offers you excellent spots of entertainment, chic culinary restaurants, and offers retail excitement at your doorstep. Also, there are many malls surrounding The Peak @ Shangri La to satisfy shopping desires and regular conveniences. And not to forget the scintillating views that accompanies you every moment.

Why invest in The Peak @ Shangri La?

Even for the investors they can call it an ideal investment as it is a luxurious freehold development which is located in the prime of the capital. The site location is superb as it is very near to Russian and Australian embassy, a tourist hotspot bring near Central Business District (CBD). The peak Shangri La is the first ever integrated development in Cambodia with strong economic growth and high rental yield.

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